Design Process

My designs always start out with rather crude sketches which allow me to brainstorm for ideas. This process leads to wireframes, style guides, and mockups before a design is finalized.

Nasa Files

This is a project I did for an advanced web design class. We had the freedom to go wherever we wanted to go, so I decided to make a site based on my personal interests in NASA and space exploration. One benefit of this choice is the general lack of any copyright on NASA related material, although I did contact SpaceX to obtain permission to use their images.

This site was my first experience using JavaScript for custom navigation and transition effects. The main navigation is done using a CSS sprite technique, which uses one image to create mouse-over transition effects and active states.

You can see the NASA Files website here.

Koala's English Learning Diary

My wife is a published author in China. She has written a motivational book about her personal experiences with learning the English language. I made a simple Flash site to help her promote her book. This was my first experience using original artwork files from a real design team.

I had intended to make a much more animated main page using the cover illustration for the book. Unfortunately, the Chinese designers didn't agree to give me access to their files. I had to make do with a few Photoshop and Illustrator files of the final book cover, which limited my ability to manipulate individual elements. It was a great experience to have in dealing with the limitations of copyrighted materail.

The site has a mix of Chinese and English. My wife helped with the translations.

You can see the website here.


This was a class project based on a theme of our choice. I chose to make a technology review site in a standard three column layout and blog format. This was my first venture into CSS3 effects which can be seen in the main navigation's border radius styling.

You can see the TechTrends website here.


This website was a project for an e-commerce class. The goal was to create an e-commerce site based on a fictional product. The site links to a third party to handle the ordering process. The e-commerce side of the site is pretty basic, but it was a great way to learn the fundamentals about how it functions.

You can see the Visionex website here.

Nautilus Illustration

I did this project in a design class focused on Adobe Illustrator. It's a vector image which can be resized easily without loss of image quality. I used a picture of a real nautilus for reference.

Kaola Xiaowu Website Redesign

The Flash based KaolaXiowu website was redesigned to coincide with my wife's second book published in 2014. The previous Flash website severely limited access to viewers. The new site is made with the responsive Bootstrap framework in order to be viewable by a broader range of browsers and devices.

You can see the website at